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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 23, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> paswater everywhere, overnight storms and dropped more water
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than any other day in chicago history, the storms left behind flooded streets homes and train tracks. >> dan ponce de is live in this plaines with tonight's top story. >> we are at the intersection of dumpster street and south river road and you can see the water really starting to creep into this neighborhood and on the other side of the concrete barrier is that this plaines river, a dangerously high rate now and is one of many troubled spots in the suburbs. and in fact the city of chicago was hit just as hard. it started around 1:00 a.m. and did not let up for the next six hours, record- breaking rainfall forcing motorists to abandon their cars. what is usually in easy saturday morning drive became a traffic nightmare all over the chicago
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area. the underpass connecting michigan avenue to lakeshore drive was completely flooded and take a look at i it 190 in and out of o'hare this morning it was shut down for several hours this morning as dozens of cars were submerged. snow plows becameplows became water plows. neighborhoods that usually get hit were flooded once again. >> it's reminiscent of years past so it is getting kind of old. a flash flood warning was in effect, the desk plaines river crested at about 3 ft. over the rivers flood stage. 0 hear security guards got stuck in their cars. they had to wait
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one hour before the fire department rescue them. all along elmhurst road parking lots turned into small lakes and dozens of businesses had to close for the day. >> this is the worst i have ever seen. bamut today's storm also knocked out power to nearly 200,000 com ed customers. 40,000 customers are still without power. assuming there is no more trouble tonight as they should have power tomorrow. >> that is a lot of water. and today's storm set records even before the sun came up today. >> jim ramsey is and the weather center with more on this historic rainfall. >> the national weather service began keeping records as far
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back as 1871 but never before has there been a day in which six in 8,500 in. came down in chicago and one day and that is not the whole story because the total rainfall from the system produced 8.2 in. of rainfall, but look how much the numbers dropped as you travel to the south and southwest of chicago. elkgrove village up to the north and west had more than 5 in. of rainfall. a flood warning continues until 9:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. there still is a chance of seeing more rain and thunderstorms over night. >> today's storms took a personal toll on many of you. >> it was a day of recovery for
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many homeowners and sean lewis has a few of them. >> as the rain continued to fall on chicago's northwest side. >> it was gushing in here. >> charlene was inside her home surveying the damage nature brought. >> i was over want when i looked down this morning. and seeing nothing but a black lake like was looking into hell. >> this marks the spot where the flood waters stopped before receded. leaving a muddy and bacteria ridden mess. >> it went it was raging water and you can see. things were moved and knocked over. >>when we went outside later.
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charlene found another on a welcome gift from her flooded street. >> the basement was bad enough. i would have never thought my car. >> not far away in mount prospect this fire rage after an early morning lightning strike. >> i saw a huge flash >> it was a fire that he caught on his ipod. there were no injuries but residents from 34 units are being put up at a nearby hotel temporarily hoping the fire department can find some important papers. >> the whole third floor is totally gone, we looked on the second floor and they are telling us it will not be until monday or tuesday that we will be able to, until a fire
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department or police officer will get in there and tell them where we put all of our personal stuff but right now they're not letting anybody in the building. >> charlene hopes insurance will help with her repairs and she tries to look for a silver lining up a storm cloud that has rained down destruction. >> chicago fire fighters had to resort to using a boat to rescue truck drivers along i 57 at the bishop ford freeway it was up to the mirrors of the three stranded trucks. one of the drivers was able to swim to safety while the other to climbed up onto the roof of their trucks and waited to be rescued. the trucks were removed and travel resumed. >> to handle all of that flood water, the chicago river lot was
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opened forcing the closing of lakefront beaches. it caused a blackback flow of sewage on to the lake. the lake will be sampled twice daily until the beaches can be reopened. >> the heavy rains also called trouble for the eta several feet of standing water forced trans to halt, passengers were moved to buses and taken around the flooded areas. there's also trouble for the blue line. a train was stopped at the illinois medical district the pink line also reportedly had flood related delays this morning. all trains are now back up and running. >> a number chicago area motorists became stranded in the fast-moving floodwater or when
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they tried to drive through pools of standing water a local fire department performed a number of rescues in the major trouble spots were mannheim road near o'hare along with irving park road and under the eye 90 bridge there were also issues along north avenue west of first avenue in melrose park. >> anchor confusion and grief in norway now what we know about the prime suspect in the attacks that killed nearly 100 people. >> a troubled life cut short and young star has been found dead in her london apartment. >> what a young man refused to let go to the side of his car.
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your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. a suspect has been identified in the shooting and bombing attacks in norway that left more than 90 dead and she is talking with police. a closer look at the investigation. >> more than 90 people are dead
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after a bombing and the norwegian capital of oslo at a shooting and the use camp, there identifying this man as the prime suspect behind friday's attacks. he is 32 year-old anders breivik. an image of him is emerging as a right-wing christian fundamentalists who may have had an issue with a multi-cultural society. the suspect is cooperating with police and faces charges related to terrorism. the prime minister did not allow the possibility that there was more than one person involved in the attacks. and i have full confidence in the police and an investigation but i think we have to wait on the results of the investigation i think it would be very wrong to jump to conclusions, the police have to do their job and we have to wait.
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>> a second person who police say was carrying a knife was arrested saturday at a hotel when the prime minister was scheduled to meet in other news british authorities are investigating the death of singer amy white house, she was found dead today in her home in hampton north london. she was 27 years old. they suspect to death was caused by a drug overdose, she has been struggling with substance abuse since she was 13. the because fox is urging young people to learn that drugs are not the way out. >> they may glamorize it and you might think it is the life of rock star but while what an incredible talent to lose today please you guys say no to drugs and a live, the healthy happy and prosperous.
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>> in 2008 in the white house became the first british singer to win five grammy awards including best record and song of the year for a recap. >> a man who grabbed onto a moving car and was dragged at least 01 miles survived a harrowing incident and it was all caught on tape. a news photographer in stocks in california saw the car driving the man along the street yesterday as he was getting ready for a live shot, the car was going about 35 mi. per hour and a man clinging to the car was not convinced that a friend's stolen purrs was inside the stolen vehicle and although witnesses called police neither party filed complaints. a fiery accident took the life of a fuel tanker driver in massachusetts a tanker loaded with volatile fuel rolled over and caught fire overnight. it happens north of boston, several people were hurt. the identity of the driver
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has not been released, highway safety engineers are investigating the exact cause of the crash. >> new regulations for safety in illinois the upgrades that will not be required. >> a very brief morning meeting at the white house as the debt ceiling debate dwindled down. >> hackers and other cyber criminals, getting them before they can
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a recent high school grad is dead after a head in a run in direct last night, the teens were walking around the gravel shoulder of church street when you were hit by an suv. an 18 year-old was rushed to hospital in libertyville but died a short time later and the other two victims are expected to recover police say they are looking for a newer model light-colored as uv with damage to the front passenger side. >> at least eight deaths and cook county are being blamed on the summer heat wave. a relative found a 59 year-old unresponsive in his home this morning, the
9:20 pm
relative called the 911 in an ambulance took him to the white memorial hospital where he was pronounced dead. an autopsy showed that he died from heat stroke. officers then say that the home was hot and the windows were closed, at least seven other deaths are being blamed on the heat the victims ranged in age from 47-93. >> to elderly women killed in a metro train crashed this week were longtime friends. they just dropped off another friend and driving home from their weekly game of dominoes, and 81 year- old and an 97 year-old crashed around 4:00 p.m. thursday in crestwood near one of the 67 states and. >> gov quinn patent and a lot today. the law mandates a hiring of
9:21 pm
more fda experts. 11 nuclear reactors operate at half a dozen state sites around the state. it will bring in about $1.6 million. >> celebration was held today and liberty bell for lance corporal kevin who just returned from afghanistan. the party was held in his honor he served in afghanistan and did a tour of duty in iraq and was employed during the earthquake relief efforts in haiti. it is the first time he has seen his family and friends in one year. walter reed medical center is slated to shut down in september, the government
9:22 pm
decided to pay out the hospital six years ago and two years after that an investigation into conditions at the hospital guard its reputation. it's served all levels of military from private in world war one up to the present day. will be moved to the national mabel medical center in maryland. they held a saturday meeting at the white house but there are not many signs of progress. next the debate on the debt ceiling debate. >> new york prepares for the legalization of same-sex marriage tomorrow. >> where people will be able to see the address that kate middleton war to the royal wedding. today's meeting at the white
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house took less than one hour, both men attended. >> president barack obama called congressional leaders back to the white house for a saturday morning meaning the latest attempt to make progress on the debt ceiling crisis, >> neither party is blameless in both parties are responsibility
9:26 pm
to do something about it, every day families are fitfiguring out how to stretch their paychecks. >> there was an agreement on some additional revenues until yesterday when the president demanded a $400 billion more which was going to be nothing more than a tax increase on the american people. >> the administration denies any gold coast moved in says that bayer was offered a plan that would have brought about 3.5-4 trillion dollars in cuts while raising the debt ceiling and the debt deadline is august 2nd. defaults could spell disaster for a still fragile american economy. >> across made of beans from the
9:27 pm
beams from the world trade center was made. today after a ceremony attended by about 200 emergency workers and families across was lured into a concrete opening at the september 11th memorial museum. it is scheduled to open next year. and he was an immigrant from poland who rose to the position of chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff retired general has died at the age of 75, he served as chairman of the joint chiefs under former president bill clinton from 1993-1997, president barack obama praised the general as a genuine soldier whose extraordinary life represented the promise of america for those who chose to serve it. >> in new york hundreds of gay
9:28 pm
and lesbian couples will be officially wed tomorrow. this is the scene one month ago when same-sex marriage was celebrated in the empire state. one couple was asked about what marriage will mean to them. >> we push really hard, we rallied for it so is going to be like a dream come true i guess that would be the difference on monday morning. >> if all 764 weddings actually take place tomorrow, it will set a one day record for new york city. >> could we be in for more storms tonight? you will not like the answer. >> jim ramsey is keeping an eye on the radar for what could turn into another rainy night.
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the ground was cracking so we needed the rain but not that much. >> we rank as the third wettest july on record now. 8.2 in. plus the storm total at o'hare. all one day record of six in 8500 s.
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we made it up to 87 officially at o'hare and the rain didn't hurt either as for temperatures which stayed in the '70s for much of the morning but the air warm up substantially, here is what the storm looked like last evening. you can see it pushing in on the city but it moved out quickly and now we're watching developments out to the west once again so we could be in store for some more rain tonight and even thunderstorms. notice plenty of activity across the midwest. it is talked down to the south at the moment and fairly mild up to the north. this is the output from our computer model that shows more rain and thunderstorms coming in the pre-dawn hours during the afternoon probably, these are
9:33 pm
rainfall totals generated by the computer and you can see it tends to favor some of the south and southwestern suburbs at this time but it is putting some rainfall close to lake michigan in areas already hard hit. a flood warning continues in effect for southern lake county to page and coke and that will continue until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. check out saint louis, 100 degrees today. and it was all of that humidity that fuel to those thunderstorms tonight, we will probably be in the '80s again tomorrow. he'd advisory's and excessive heat warnings continue in effect for areas south of cook county. notice the pink area up in southern wisconsin. that is a storm watch in effect. that heat
9:34 pm
is building once again so we will have a short reprieve then be back in the mid-90s in the middle of next week. these are temperatures across the area at the moment. they're still willing to. it is still relatively warm out there. but check our forecast for tonight across the area of clouds increasing with storms possible. low temperatures 72-76. tomorrow we should be in the upper 80s about 91-92 degrees. sunday mostly cloudy with a stormy period expected. tomorrow night a bit warmer with an early storm possible. winds will be shifting to the north and northwest monday is partly cloudy with light breezes and should be a dry day. temperatures range 85-
9:35 pm
90 degrees. a cold front will come into the area but it looks relatively weak. the heat begins to build after that and we will talk about that in the 74 cast. i am glad this is over. >> itwe are on the northern edge of all of that hot air. green bay had a high today of 82 with 100 degrees in st. louis. there's quite a contrast zone there. what a mess. >> what a year, what a crazy weather year. >> tracking the hackers, how some companies are catching cyber criminals before they can do any harm. >> one group says it knows where the most fun town in america is located.
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uh forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. in today's world we make many of our transactions online. it is
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easy prey for those with bad intentions. one man who could be called the detective in the world of computer hacking. >> computers can hold all kinds of personal and professional secrets, from bank accounts to sensitive business the mouse but every minute of every day those secrets can be targets of so- called cyber generals who could link computers to act like soldiers what an illegal network calls a balked net. >> think of it like an actual computer network. put together by a group of criminals or someone with mel intent. >> who were the people doing it? >> it ranges from kids playing around to really professional cyber criminals. >> companies hire him to see whether their computers are being tapped you might call him
9:40 pm
a hacker tracker. >> a hacker typically in fax a bunch of computers and corporate environments with a piece of mao where or software viruses. >> the next map shows how widespread this is. >> this is an hourlong snapshot of what we see botnets. >> how many are we talking about? >> tens of millions if not hundreds of millions. they were trying to extort us for botnet intelligence. >> it is an offshoot of the hacker group anonymous after the fbi arrested 14 members. >> they claimed they had information on us and they're going to release them if we didn't comply.
9:41 pm
>>you are sort of inner ransoms situation. and incredibly the demands were documented and email co. if you take over a big pot he called the language of juvenile. >> it does indicate that age group that we are dealing with. it is like a baby with a gun. eventually the hacker's backed off after publicizing some of his emails. so far no one has been caught and the hacker tracker is back to closing botnets. >> it is sure to be one of its most popular tourist destination for the next few months, kate middleton is wedding dress it is already time to start thinking
9:42 pm
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woolite. long live your wardrobe. one of the world's most famous dresses on display at buckingham palace this summer, it is the ivory and white satin gown worn by catherine duchess of cambridge at her wedding to prince william. it was designed by sarah burton with some help by the duchess herself. among other items from the old royal wedding they're all on display through october 3rd. >> they are celebrating and a little town in western colorado and they're having a lot of fun doing it. the rand mcnally road atlas named glenn would springs colorado's the most fun town in
9:46 pm
america. the city hosted judges and treated them to all of the fun things to do in the area, the activities included a vaudeville show, whitewater rafting caverns and vapor caves whatever those are hot springs, and there are almost too many things to do appear >> there is so much to do. it is just great. >> there is a little bit of something for everybody. >> glenwood springs was chosen by five finalists include in myrtle beach south carolina and santa claus indiana. >> we have not been to found otherwise. let's check in on jim ramsey. >> right now a severe
9:47 pm
thunderstorm warning is in effect till about 15 past 104 extreme southwestern iroquois county. this particular cluster of storms can produce winds in excess of 60 mi. per hour. very heavy rains are possible with these storms and it resulted in three floodings. stay indoors until the storm passes, it is potentially a very dangerous storm and in the meantime look out to the west, there are more storm clusters forming and there are areas of reform and as you seen. we will keep our eyes open for additional storm development tonight across the area, some of them could be a big rain producers once again and as our computer model is suggesting the
9:48 pm
storms... 7 day forecast: we should be fairly dry monday and tuesday with temperatures in the '80s both tomorrow and monday and notice wednesday thursday friday and saturday each have a chance of rain and thunderstorms. very hot humid air once again across the area. 95 is the expected high temperature and on thursday and that should be the warmest day of the week. >> the salvation army held its third annual back-to-school health care and the free event offered back-to-school physicals at no cost and a variety of health screenings for adults. there was even a backpack and school supply giveaway to 200 young students.
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>> the cubs are almost on a winning streak dare we say it. highlights coming up. >> rich king has an update next in sports. (mom) dinner's ready! it's french's crunchy onion chicken!
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talking white sox. >> white sox were rained out in cleveland tonight. as for the cubs they once again have a chance to get their first three game win streak of the season. the cubs taking care of the astros this afternoon. former kicker kevin butler throwing out the first pitch. but randy wells phrases chris johnson. marlon bird, and there it goes deeper and gone a 1-0 lead. they have so long wall going again. two- nothing. a shot that handcuffs
9:53 pm
johnson at third but he throws it away, for randy wells it it was his first win since the first start of the season way back on april 4th. >> still working to get the change or i want. where i want. >> it was a big step to me for him and it was big for him to go out into that and we had a lot of runs to work with so he was in a dogfight from the very first pitch. >> it turns out an nfl player will vote on the owners approved labour's union on monday, they could start reporting to camp on monday chicago tribune tonight reports that forte once a
9:54 pm
contract extension before camp opens. soldier field and manchester united, surprisingly it fire grabs the early lead. it was one-nothing chicago and the second half belonged to manchester. one-one. later on they got a bolt from nani. they still lose. the final was 3-1. not a good night for the home team. there was one bright spot for the chicago fire, of setting a franchise record. 54-41 and
9:55 pm
they will face dallas in the playoffs on friday. sylvia had four points in the game, she scored here on a layup. round three of the canadian open and chad campbell got rolling and nearly going. he fell apart on the back nine. a masterful shot. the leader being 0 van pelt. finally we take you to national tennessee for the nascar nationwide series race. he
9:56 pm
delivers for the most unusual prix race players you will ever hear. the of the heavenly father we thank you tonight for all of your blessings so we want to thank you tonight for these mighty machines that you brought before us, thank you for the dodges into toyota's, the forest and most of all we thank you for chase parker to give us the power that we see before us tonight, thank you for gm performance technology force in elco racing fuel and goodyear tires that bring performance and power to the track four-moping how wife lisa. me they put on a performance worthy of inspiration in jesus'
9:57 pm
name boogeity boogeity boog eity amen! >> he was a walking advertisement. and we appreciate you turning in to us tonight, that will do it.
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